I want to introduce you to art journaling.  In its simplest terms, art journaling is combining visual images (art) and words on a page to express yourself.  For me, art journaling is about much more than that.  When I art journal, I listen to my heart and allow my feelings, hopes, prayers and thoughts to be memorialized in colors, images and words on the pages of my journal.  Many times I’ve completed pages in my journal expressing emotions or thoughts I was having and then looked back at those completed pages and gained new insights and understanding of my feelings and experiences.


Your art journal can be a place to:

  • Embrace Grace and Truth

  • Express Your Faith Artistically

  • Tell your story with color and images

  • Use your Creative Voice

  • Run toward challenges

  • Give voice to the secret places in your heart

  • Gain insight and understanding

  • Release emotions onto the pages