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Self-Care Workshop

Compassion is a response to the misfortune or suffering of others that motivates a desire to help or give comfort.  Self-compassion is responding to our own misfortune or suffering with kindness and comfort.


We all have struggles in life.  In this 5-session workshop, we will explore how to treat ourselves as God treats us (with kindness and compassion).  This will change the way we handle struggles.


The topics we will explore together through guided art journaling exercises are:

  • Why is Self-Compassion so important?

  • Grace and Truth

  • Forgiving Yourself

  • Making Friends with Your Emotions

  • Compassionate Self-Care


Required materials:

  • A blank mixed-media art journal

  • Any personal art supplies you would like to use (A variety of art materials will be available for use during class each week.)


The emphasis in the workshop is on content and creative expression rather than mastering any specific art techniques.  No previous art experience needed.

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