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Scribbly Birds Page

This page with the Dina Wakley Media stamp set Scribbly Birds has gotten a lot of attention on my own Facebook page as well as the Dina Wakley Media Tribe Facebook page so I though I would share a little about the process I used to create it.

1. Apply a thin layer of gesso to a blank page in your journal. (Don't skip step 1 or step 2 will not work well.)

2. Put a thin layer of Cheddar acrylic paint down starting in middle of page and extending almost to bottom.

3. Before the paint has time to dry, take a baby wipe that has most of the moisture squeezed out of it and a stencil (DWM Broken Circles) and remove some of the paint with the wipe through the stencil. This technique is called Stencil Subtraction.

4. Use the same stencil to add some Sedona paint through the stencil and make sure it overlaps with at least 25% of the first layer.

5. Take a different stencil and add one more stenciling layer in Ocean paint that overlaps at least 25% of one of the first two layers.

6. Take a piece of sheet music paper and stamp (or draw) six scribbly circles on it.

7. Use Scribble stick colors Lapis, Evergreen, Cheddar, Ruby and Ocean to color in the circles leaving the middle blank.

8. Use a water brush to blend the color on each circle to get a watercolor look.

9. Cut out all 5 circles and glue to left side of page.

10. Take a sheet of old book paper and tear a 2" wide strip. Use the Lapis scribble stick to color a border around the edges of the paper strip.

11. Use water brush to blend the color on the edges of the book paper.

12. Glue this book paper strip down to center of journal page with glue stick or matte gel medium.

13. Take the Dina Wakley Scribbly Birds stamp set and stamp 3 birds on white watercolor paper or cardstock.

14. Use scribble sticks to color each bird and then blend with water brush.

15. Cut out all three birds and glue on page with each bird overlapping a part of the book paper and one of them overlapping one or two of the circles.

16. Take Lapis paint on a make-up sponge and add a thing border to the bottom and right side of the page.

17. Use the Broken Circles stencil to add border elements to the top and left side of the page.

18. Take two of the sentiments from the Scribbly Birds stamp set and add "journaling" to your page with Archival Black ink pad.

*All paint colors are Dina Wakley Media acrylic paints.

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