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Story Workshop

Your life story is important. Facing it, learning from it, and sharing it requires both courage and dedication. However, by getting in command of your story you can profoundly change the way you live life going forward. 

We are excited to offer a 9-week art journaling workshop that will help you identify and express the key elements of your story! In this workshop, you will learn how to creatively express the joys and pains in your story and also how to recognize God's fingerprints -- the special ways He has been at work in your life all along!

This workshop uses guided art journaling exercises in a small and safe group environment to explore and express various features of our story. When the workshop is finished, you will have a handmade journal which will visually memorialize your personal story. You will treasure it for years to come.

Some of the questions we will explore with this workshop are:

  • Why is my story important?

  • What is my heritage? What was it like growing up?

  • Who are the people whose influence most shaped me?

  • What are some of the high points in my story, so far?

  • What have been some of the more significant challenges I’ve faced?

  • Where are God’s fingerprints in my story? Where has he been at work through the high points and the challenges?

  • What legacy would I like to leave through my story?

  • What are some ways I might share my story to benefit others?


Required materials:

  • A blank mixed-media art journal

  • Any personal art supplies you would like to use (A variety of art materials will be available for use during class each week.)


The emphasis in the workshop is on content and creative expression rather than mastering any specific art techniques.  No previous art experience needed.

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